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Pit bull

Legal battle to save Lennox is lost

The case of Lennox the dog who was taken into custody by Belfast City Council in May 2010 has finally been settled. A judge has decided that the dog must be put to sleep - and this time there can be no appeal.


It is a case that has rumbled on for more than two years, outraging dog lovers, and building momentum as it continued. Lennox's owner Caroline Barnes can at least content herself with the knowledge that she fought tooth and nail for her beloved dog, appealing again and again in the hope of saving his life. I would like to think that in the same situation I would have found the strength to do the same. You can read more about Caroline and Lennox's story in a previous blog post.


Whatever the wrongs and rights of the case - and there seem to be several discrepancies about the way Lennox was initially assessed and taken - at the heart of this case is a tragedy, because for over two years Lennox has been imprisoned, isolated and kept in conditions that no dog should have to endure. And all that time his family loved him, and fought to be reunited with him. No dog - and no dog owners - should be put through that.


If his family is still kept apart from him as his life is brought to an end, I do hope that some kind soul rests a tender hand on his head, and whispers a loving word in his ear. But I doubt it.


The other hard fact is that there are dogs like Lennox all over the UK; imprisoned awaiting their fate. Let's not forget them - so if Lennox's story touched your heart, find a dog like him in your area and lend them your support.


R.I.P. Lennox - run free.


Episode 114 - Search and Rescure and Pit Bull NationPit Bull


Released Sat February 12, 2011
Length: 0:51:45
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Find out goes on when search and resuce dogs are called out to locate a missing person. Hear how Pit Bull advocate Cindy Marabito started her own rescue for the dogs she loves. Plus some surprising revelations about the beginnings of the human-dog relationship in the DogCast Radio News, and fiction feature Place in the Pack.

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Lennox's video - could this happen to your dog?

I watched the video about Lennox and I had tears in my eyes thinking how his poor family must be feeling; and thinking how poor Lennox must be feeling, locked away from his people for so long. I wondered how I would bear it if it was one of my dogs, and I was so thankful that I have a Labrador and a Bichon - "safe" dogs, or at least dogs that are safe from the threat of being confiscated. And then I recalled the Poodle Martyrs and a chill ran through me. There are no guarantees, and with all the anti-dog attitudes being bandied about who knows what the future will be for dogs.


Of course, we should all rally round Lennox simply to alleviate the suffering of him and his family. But if you need further persuasion, look at your dog curled up on the couch beside you, or whatever he or she is doing right now and just for a few painful seconds imagine how you would feel if he was ripped from the heart of his family and locked up for months away from you under sentence of death. It's devastating isn't it? - and yet if the dog community doesn't work together and exert pressure, if we stand by and allow this to happen apart from the trauma caused to one family and their dog, who knows what we open the floodgates to.


There's a quote attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller that came into my mind:

They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.


So today it's the suspected Pit Bulls they're coming for, which breed will they be coming for tomorrow? Let's get Lennox home, and let's make sure this stops happening to dogs - my dogs, your dogs, any dogs.


Take care,


Julie xx





She is a Pit-bull mix, and the sweetest dog in the world.
Most people think pits are vicious dogs
but like all breeds, it depends on how the dog was raised. I'm tired of hearing bad things about pits from people who have never met one, especially Mocha.
She is delicate with all of our animals, including the ferrets and the birds, and the pain in the butt puppy.
Very loving, and very goofy
I hope that more people will realize that they are an amazing breed, and only have the bad reputation because of ignorant owners.
They are strong and unfortunately some use them for sick twisted games



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