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Dog helps create song for music composer

From the Surf Dog Ricochet team:

"I Am Here For You" is a musical collaboration between the Laurel Canyon Animal Company and, Surf Dog Ricochet.

Skip Haynes and Dana Walden utilized the services of Animal Communicator, Paula Brown. They turned Paula's "reading" of Ricochet into a song which was played for Ricochet. Based on the dog's responses to the song as translated by Paula, the final adjusted song was finished utilizing the talents of vocalist Donna Delory - who was also approved by Ricochet.

This is one of the changes requested by Ricochet that most struck us. There was a line in the song that stated, "This is my song" and Ricochet told us that this was not a song, it was her soul. We made the appropriate changes.

A significant portion of the profits from "I Am Here For You" are donated to Ricochet's non-profit organization Puppy Prodigies neonatal & early learning program.

Puppy Prodigies prepares dogs such as Ricochet for their future careers as service dogs. The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is proud to have their music support Puppy Prodigies to help animals and humans.

"I Am Here For You" is the first in a new series about service dogs: Therapy dogs, War dogs, Police Dogs, etc. We hope you enjoy the music and help us support the causes the animals represent.

For more information contact Judy Fridono at or 707-228-0679.



In the UK the fifth of November is bonfire night. This may be fun for humans, but for many dogs the loud firework noises make it miserable to say the least. Luckily neither of our dogs are bothered by fireworks, but I know some dogs become quite unhappy, and some can become frantic. There are various remedies you can give, and I've just received this email with some novel advice for keeping your canine cheery: (If you can come up with any other suggestions, do let us know)

More dogg less bark this firework season


A dog-loving Cat (Stevens) with Dogs Trust

If you love songs about dogs this is for you:


Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity which has a rehoming centre in Roden Lane Farm, Telford, today expanded its social networking portfolio with a Spotify account dedicated to all songs ‘dog’. 

The first playlist features classics such as Cat Stevens’ ‘I Love My Dog’ as well as more modern numbers like ‘Hounds of Love’ by The Futureheads. Dogs Trust staff already play music to the dogs in rehoming centres as research shows melodies help create a calm, soothing atmosphere. They expect the poochtastic playlist will be warmly welcomed by its supporters and canine residents alike.

Alex Goldstein, Dogs Trust Web Editor, explains:

‘We’ve found social networking is a brilliant way to connect with our supporters and communicate our key messages through friendly dialogue.

The results are tangible. We’ve rehomed dogs after posting their photos on Twitter, organised large scale events on Facebook and shared behind-the-scenes photos on Flickr. Hopefully our Spotify account will encourage canine-themed parties up and down the country!’

Spotify is a free music streaming website with over 1 million users worldwide.
3.8 million tracks are available and a fortnight ago Apple unveiled a Spotify iPhone application so users can listen on the move.

The first Dogs Trust playlist is

  • Hounds of Love – The Futureheads
  • Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine
  • Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
  • Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
  • I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
  • Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
  • Cats + Dogs – Camille
  • Can Your Monkey Do the Dog – Rufus Thomas
  • Who Lets the Dogs Out – Baha Men
  • Puppy Love – Donny Osmond
  • I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens


and can be found here: Woofstock - Dogs Trust dog songs. To listen you need a Spotify account but it is free to download and use. To download Spotify go to

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for 16,000 dogs a year. Links to our social networking sites can be found here:



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