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Episode 248 - Detection Dogs and are we treating our dogs to early death


Released Sat January 22, 2022
Length: 1:10:01
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Isabelle Groc

Isabelle Groc is a Canadian writer, conservation photographer, filmmaker and author of Conservation Canines: How Dogs Work for the Environment. Conservation Canines highlights the human-animal bond, and discusses how dogs are lending their paws and noses to fix some of the most complex environmental problems on the planet. The book features Isabelle's own photographs of working canines, many of them former shelter dogs, and includes a foreword by actor and author Anjelica Huston.

In this interview Isabelle talks about her admiration for dogs and how deep and special the human-dog relationship is. You can find out more about Isabelle at her website on Instagram and Twitter.

Sean McCormack

We love to spoil our dogs - more than 1 in 5 of us (22%) just can't help but fall for the classic puppy dog eyes, and 16% of us give treats when our canines look cute.
Other reasons for tasty rewards include obeying commands (44%), during walks (43%), training (35%), and before leaving them alone for a period of time (34%). But according to research, over-treating and causing our dogs to gain weight can reduce their lifespan by months - which i can be years in human terms.

Vet Sean McCormack discussed this worrying research, suggesting non-food rewards your dog will love. Sean also tells us how to assess whether our dogs are overweight. You can find more about this and many other resources at the website. To find out more about Sean visit his website.

DogCast Radio News

In this whistle-stop tour of the latest dog news, Julie and Jenny bring you the dog who's been dyed red to combat thieves (find out more here ), and how the future of dog food may be insect protein, how drones may replace fireworks, Spain has joined the list of countries who regard dogs as sentient, how a Maltese Terrier helped his human give birth and more! Ten dog news stories in six minutes!


268 - Crash tested dog car safety and dog inspired author

Just like us, our dogs need to be protected in the event of a collision of evasive manoevre in the car - but did you know that to be truly effective and safe car harnesses should be fully crash tested? We talk to the team inspired by experience to help keep dogs safe as they travel. Author Sue Kittow has experienced how dogs support us through tough times, and has turned her real life canines into characters in her touching novels.

189 - The Dog Healers and War Dogs Remembered

In this episode you can hear Mark Winik talk about his debut novel, The Dog Healers, and listen to Julia Robertson explain why she founded the charity War Dogs remembered. Plus there's the DogCast Radio News, and what Mischief the German Spitz puppy has been up to.

188 - Service Dogs UK and Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home

In this episode you can hear about Service Dogs UK, a fantastic charity which trains assistance dogs to support veterans of any service - military personnel, police, firefighters, paramedics and the coastguard - who develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to their job. Also, listen to Dr Jody A Dean, a clinical psychologist talk about how her book, Roxie the Doxie finds her Forever Home, is helping children understand and talk about adoption and other family issues. Plus the DogCast Radio News and some thoughts on the alpha dog myth.

187 - Muffins Halo and Chorley Fun Dog Show

In this episode you can hear about Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs, and what motivates people to enter their dog in a fun dog show. In the DogCast Radio News, listen to stories about the latest dog related research. Plus there's a new member of the DogCast Radio team!

186 - Maxwell Muir on wolves

In this episode you can hear trainer, behaviourist, writer, broadcaster and wolf expert Maxwell Muir talk about what wolves mean to him personally, their plight in a modern world, and his hopes for their future. Plus we have the DogCast Radio News.