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Episode 206 - Crufts 2019


Released Sat March 30, 2019
Length: 1:08:29
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Crufts has at its heart the relationship between humans and dogs - and it's a relationship that should make life better for both species. We had a great time at Crufts, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. We met the three new breeds competing at Crufts for the first time, life changing assistance dogs, and the people trying in various ways to make our dogs as healthy and long lived as possible.

White Swiss Shepherd

To find out more about this breed which was competing at Crufts for the first time, Julie spoke to Sue Renno. Sue brought her first White Swiss Shepherd into the country in 2009, and approached the Kennel Club about having the breed recognised in the UK in 2011. Clearly it's a long process to introduce a breed into the UK. Sue talks about her love of the breed, and her plans to ensure the breed's British future.

You can find out more about the lovely White Swiss Shepherd in the UK at the club website.

Chloe Fuller and Ted

We encountered Chloe Fuller with her amazing assistance dog Ted, curled up on her lap - so we had to stop for a chat to find out more. Ted not only helps Chloe get undressed, he puts her clothes into the washing machine - and much more, as you can hear in this inspirational interview.

Dog A.I.D. is the charity which helped Chloe train Ted to be her assistance dog.

The dog world is amazing for having so many supportive people in it - or at least in my case I've been very, very privileged to meet so many people who are lovely.
 - Chloe Fuller

You can connect with Chloe and Ted at their Instagram account, and on Facebook.

Russian Toy

Amanda Orchard told Julie all about the loving, loyal, feisty little dogs who are fun to be around. Originally bred as companion and alarm dogs, these little beauties still retain many of their ancestral terrier instincts.

They like to be motivated, they like to be active, they do like the exercise. I think they'd soon become qiote bored, and thern that's when you will get personality problems if you don't stimulate them enough.
 - Amanda Orchard

If you're interested in finding more about this delightful little breed, the best place to start is the Russian Toy Club in the UK.

Pet Savers

Pet Savers is part of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and are the UK's leading veterinary charity. Since 1974 they have been founding studies to find cures and treatments for serious pet illnesses. Jane Cordier talked to Julie about the charity's work.

Black and Tan Coonhound

The Black and Tan Coonhound was competing at Crufts for the first time this year, and Julie talked to Helen Reaney about the breed. But is the breed really new, or did they actually come over centuries ago with William the Conqueror? All will be revealed!

In America they were bred to track and trail raccoon, that's where the name Coonhound comes from. Basically they are bred from crosses between a Foxhound - over the centuries - and a Bloodhound.
 - Helen Reaney

For more information, you can email and ask any questions or look for a breeder.

Cirneco dell'Etna

This breed has only been in the UK about 15 years, but was competing in both the show rings and the breeders competition.

I think you'd describe them as Anubis, the dog that you see on the Egyptian tombs, that's what they're like.
 - Sarah Connatty

You can find out more about these unusual dogs at the Cirneco dell'Etna UK club.

Dogs For Good

You're probably aware or the wonderful assistance dogs that the chairity Dogs for Good train - but are you aware of the other work they do? For example, community dogs work alongside a professional handler with adults with autism and learning disabilities, helping them to develop life skills and enjoy full and active lives in the community.

Sarah Tosh-Robb and her lovely dog, Fleck, met Julie at Crufts, and Sarah talked about the work they do. You can find out more at the Dogs for Good website.

Billy and Margot

When Marie Jones began to make iced treats to help her dog, Billy, cool down in the heat, it led to her starting her own dog food company. But it's a dog food company which insists on healthy ingredients to make healthy food, which will help support our dogs to live long, healthy lives.

It's not rare to see Labradors, for example, live to 15, I hear that every day, whereas it used to be 10, 12 for a Lab, and food has a big part to play.
 - Marie Jones

You can find out more at the Billy and Margot website.

Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hounds train diabetes alert dogs, but the dogs they train are the family's pet dog. Jane Pearman founded the charity after her daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine. So Jane turned her police dog handling experience to training up a dog, Scooby, for her daughter.

We train up assistance dogs for children with type 1 diabetes, and it is their pet dog already in their household.
 - Jane Pearman

Sophie and Scooby winning Friends For Life at Crufts, threw a public spotlight on Jane's work, and now Hypo Hounds has trained 35 dogs.


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