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Rain stops play

It’s been one of those dreadful drizzly days when the rain never really gets going, but having not really got going it keeps on all day long. It was the kind of day to spend inside reading a book or watching a DVD. I had work to do of course, but it would have been good to read a book or watch a DVD if you had the time.

However, when you have dogs at some point during the day you have to venture out to provide an opportunity for exercise. I put it off as long as I could, and then noticed that it had actually stopped raining. Now when I say it had stopped raining, I am using that expression in a very English way, to mean that the rain had slowed down to such a degree it was barely noticeable unless you looked at the ripples in the puddles.

Still very little rain was as good as it was going to get, so I finished up what I was working on as fast as I could and off we went. I hadn’t been as fast at finishing up as I thought though, and by that time the rain was coming down heavily again. Star took one look and backed away slowly shaking her head which is her way of saying, “I don’t want or need a walk today. I have books to read and DVDs to watch thank you all the same.” So it was left to me and Buddy to brave the elements.

As usual I took along the flinger, a long plastic implement that allows me to fling a tennis ball a heck of a long way for Buddy to chase after and retrieve. It’s his favourite activity, and as usual he threw himself into it. He chased and retrieved, and chased and retrieved. And then way before he usually does he slowed down, and stood there looking at me panting. When I flung the ball again he chased it, but not with his usual enthusiasm.

For a moment I was puzzled. I stood looking at him panting, his fur clinging to him in damp spikes, fresh rain falling on him all the time, running in rivulets over him as his coat was getting towards saturation point. And that was when I realised exactly how much water he must have been carrying in his coat. It was weighing him down and lugging all that extra weight about was tiring him out.

So I threw the tennis ball laughably short distances and he paddled after it, and we sloshed our way home slowly in the rain. I’m hoping for better weather for tomorrow but I doubt it, after all it is July in England we’re talking about.

Take care,

Julie x


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