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Watch The National Dog Show online

I have interviewed David Frei (in Episode 76 of DogCast Radio) about The National Dog Show and thought it sounded very interesting. Up till now I couldn't watch it from the UK, but this year I will be able to watch it online. Now all I need to find is where I can watch the Thanksgiving parade online for the full experience. Here's more information about The National Dog Show:

David Frei on Rufus, the Champion Colored Bull Terrier who won The National Dog Show in 2005 and Westminster in 2006.  Rufus is the Therapy Dog Ambassador for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina.
"Rufus dispels so many myths.  Some communities target the breed, calling them dangerous merely based on appearance. Of course, it's ridiculous, and Rufus is out there proving how ridiculous it is. He adores children. He's also proof that show dogs are out there, participating in the world and giving back, doing much more than appearing at dog shows."
“He’s (Rufus) made people smile.  He’s made people get better. He’s made people forget about some of their challenges that they may be facing each day in his work as a therapy dog. So he’s the greatest representative we could have for the National Dog Show.”
David Frei on show dogs:
“People often forget that these are real dogs.  They don’t sit at home all week long on doggie cushions, eating doggie bon-bons. They are real dogs, wagging their tails when we come home to them at night and stealing food off our counters and shedding on our nice black clothes and maybe even drinking out of a toilet once in awhile.”
John O’Hurley on a funny story one year at the National Dog Show
Well I always like to tell the story of the day that David and I were sitting there at the NBC booth and the Great Dane walked by and he christened the rug right in front of us.  You know, it does happen and they’re just dogs being dogs.  But that was a “big” surprise, and I mean “big.”
John O’Hurley on dogs in general:
“One of the gifts that dogs give us is that they really teach us to live in the present moment because that’s the only thing they know.  They take away our fears about the future and help us stop thinking about the mistakes of the past.  You just look your dog straight in the eye and you realize that that’s what they do.  There’s a calm that comes over you.”
Viewers can vote for their favorite breed, see NDS features unique to the web
and watch the broadcast on demand via Hulu
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA (Nov. 20, 2009) – America’s dog lovers, including those hopelessly devoted to their favorite breeds, will be able to get up close and personal as their favorites are judged at “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina” on Thanksgiving Day, November 26 (Noon – 2 p.m. in all times zones), as well as having exclusive coverage at  The television broadcast will also be available online after 2 p.m. ET on, a popular online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips.
To complement the TV special and showcase all the breeds on Thanksgiving Day, will feature video of the walks, examination and judging of all the breed-winning dogs with expert commentary from veteran announcer and dog show expert Wayne Ferguson, who is the President of the host Kennel Club of Philadelphia.
In a “National Dog Show” first, NBC is asking viewers of the broadcast to vote for their favorite group winner in Purina's "Viewers Choice Best in Show" poll. Once the remaining seven “Best In Show” competitors have been selected, the television audience will be able to vote online at or by texting the word "DOG" to 51515 on their cell phones. Viewers will also be encouraged to vote for their favorite group winner throughout the day.
A total audience of 18.7 million viewers tuned in to “The National Dog Show” last year and this year’s edition will once again follow the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is America’s most watched dog show, featuring the Best in Show competition plus features and vignettes about the wonderfulness of man’s best friend through the eyes of host John O’Hurley and expert analyst David Frei.
 “The success and popularity of the “National Dog Show” is because it reaches all generations and families can watch the show together,” said Jon Miller, Executive Vice President of NBC.  “There is also growing interest in all of the different breeds and we recognize the importance of providing online coverage of each one.”
The online coverage will also feature Tiffany Simons of, who will provide on-site features and interviews from the show.


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