Episode 185 - Doggie Food Bank and Animal Naturopath Lyndall Pinchen

Released Sat July 15, 2017
Length: 1:04:29
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Doggie Food Bank

The Doggie Food Bank feeds the dogs of the poor and homeless, it's very simple.

 - Julie Austin

Julie Austin
Julie Austin
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When Julie Austin met a homeless woman with a dog in her street, and the woman asked for help feeding the dog, Julie immediately raced home and to her neighbours' houses to gather dog food. She had no idea that that was the start of a mission to feed the dogs of the poor and homeless in her area. Julie's endeavours gave birth to the Doggie Food Bank, which now upholds and promotes the belief that no dog should go to bed hungry. In financially difficult times, Doggie Food Bank supports the homeless and those having  to choose between feeding themselves and their beloved dogs.

You can find out more at the Doggie Food Bank website, and you can keep up to date with them on their Twitter feed, or their Facebook page. To help support Doggie Food Bank, who are aiming to buy a van to facilitate delivering food to those in need, visit their Go Fund Me campaign.

Lyndall Pinchen

We want to start off by making small changes, so let's start by getting that diet right, and let's even do that gradually.

 - Lyndall Pinchen

Lyndall Pinchen
Lyndall Pinchen
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When she had health problems of her own, Lyndall Pinchen turned to natural methods to improve her health. When she qualified as a naturopath, Lyndall initially treated people, but the passion she had always had for animals - especially dogs - led her to study and qualify in animal naturopathy. Now, Lyndall's aim is to spread the word to dog owners that naturopathic treatments coupled with raw feeding, can offer their dog many health benefits.

To find out more about Lyndall, visit her Canine Vitality website, take advantage of her Happy Healthy Dogs webinar, or keep up to date with her on Facebook.

DogCast Radio News

In the DogCast Radio News - now read by Julie and Jenny - you can hear about the new "luxury" kennels which sell for huge amounts of money, and offer classical columns, marble falls, treat dispensers, a conference calling system and many other features, but do they really offer what a dog wants? Hear about how hero dog Tyson thwarted a criminal in Finsbury Park, London, and how Boris, a Springer Poodle cross, helped his owner attend her sister's graduation ceremony. You can listen to the amazing story of Mo, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who became separated from her owners in the freezing Idaho Mountains in America, causing her owners to give up hope of ever seeing her again. Plus we have the touching story of how Lauren Webb found a novel way to memorialise her Pit bull Kiera Lynn, and how UK model and reality star Jodie Marsh had to put her canine first aid skills into practice when her Bulldog, Louie, passed out.


At 14.5 years old Buddy is deaf, has arthritis in two of his legs, and was recently diagnosed with a degenerative spine disease. We're looking into a stroller or a trolley to help him get out and about on longer walks so that he can still indulge his passion for meeting people. For now his tail is wagging, but every day is precious.
Any suggestions for a stroller or trolley suitable for a 35kg Labrador with mobility issue gratefully received.