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Vizslas (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

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The Vizsla combines the characteristics of an excellent hunting dog with those of a wonderful companion to its owner. This manual gives authoritative advice on dog purchase, preventive health care, the Vizsla's changing nutritional needs throughout its life cycle, socializing and housebreaking a puppy, ....

Versatile Vizsla

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The Vizsla…field dog, show dog, obedience dog, companion par excellence, and more. Marion Coffman shares insights gleaned from thirty years of experience. Read the intriguing story of how the breed was rescued from Hungary during the Second World War. ....

Vizsla (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

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This Comprehensive Owner's Guide draws an accurate portrait of the Vizsla. Readers will welcome the author's advice on topics like puppy selection, feeding, exercise, grooming and maintenance of the breed. The book also provides a complete chapter on house-training the puppy and obedience training. ....


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