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The Joyous Havanese

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A Dog Book to remember. It's all about what makes a Havanese a Havanese. It's also all about practicality in breeding, raising puppies and understanding the essence of canine behavior in all breeds. 234 pages, 76 color photos, 138 B&W. Foreword by Betty Trainor. ....

Havanese (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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This longhaired toy breed makes a fine companion for dog lovers young and old. Books in the comprehensive and popular BarronÂ’s Complete Pet OwnerÂ’s Manuals series advise on feeding, health care, housing, and all other important aspects of responsible pet ownership. ....

Havanese: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)

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The world-famous Havanese is the only existing pure-bred dog of Cuban origin, a rare blend of intelligence, personality and natural beauty. Bred for its family-oriented temperament and loving ways, the Havanese is prized in the homes of the Cuban people as well as by fanciers in Europe and America. ....


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