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The Bullmastiff: Peerless Protector

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This all-new book for everyone with an interest in this guard-dog breed is invaluable as a source of guidance and enjoyable study. Topics covered include history and development, living with a Bullmastiff, showing, training, general care and breeding. ....

Bullmastiffs Today (Book of the Breed)

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In a rare look at this powerful, courageous breed created to combine the best qualities of the Bulldog and Mastiff, readers are treated to a history with emphasis almost wholly on utilitarian performance. With an evolving role as both protector and companion --in the United States and abroad --the breed is given full treatment with concentration on the care and management of this intensely loyal companion canine.

Bullmastiff (Comprehensive Owners Guide)

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This handsomely illustrated book discusses the Bullmastiff's ancestry and history, characteristics and breed standard and covers up-to-date, accurate information about health concerns, puppy selection, feeding and caring for the dog. ....

Bullmastiffs (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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This sturdy canine is a cross between the Bulldog and the Mastiff. Originally bred as gamekeeper dogs, this breed is now popular as a pet. This heavily illustrated book avoids technical language while offering sound advice and reliable information to current and soon-to-be pet owners. ....


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