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A Boston's World

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A Boston's World is a colorful book written by canine-American author, Mickey, a blue-collar dog from Virginia. The 72-page book is chock-full of real-life color photos and real-life text--a "treat" for grownups and children who love dogs. ....

Boston Terrier (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)

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The charming New England gentleman, known for generations as the Boston Terrier, makes a unique impression, handsomely clad in his own special tuxedo. Incomparable as a companion dog, the Boston Terrier possesses a lively, friendly personality, an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence. ....

Boston Terriers (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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The alert, friendly Boston Terrier is easy to groom and readily adapts as a good household companion. Titles in the extensive Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, contented, well-cared-for animals. ....

Boston Terriers For Dummies (For Dummies (Pets))

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Has a Boston Terrier stolen your heart? Whether you’re thinking about adding one of these “American Gentlemen” to your home or you already have one, this fun, friendly guide is the key to becoming a responsible and happy puppy parent! Boston Terriers For Dummies gives you ....


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Scruffy outside playing!

Scruffy outside playing!

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