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Basenji (Comprehensive Owners Guide)

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The "barkless dog of Africa," the Basenji comes to America via the jungles of the Congo. Unique not only for his yodel-like voice, this affectionate and aristocratic canine possesses the grace and cleanliness of a feline, the hunting instincts of a terrier, the speed of a greyhound and the smarts and ....

Basenjis (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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The Basenji, sometimes called the “barkless” dog, originated in Africa and was known in ancient Egypt. Dogs of this breed are gentle and make loyal companions to children. This heavily illustrated book avoids technical language while offering sound advice and reliable information to current and soon-to-be ....

The Basenji Out of Africa, Revised Edition: A New Look (Pure-bred)

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Written by an expert in the breed, this book presents the reader with all the information they would need to enjoy life with this unique breed of dog. ....


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