Missy is missing out on love at Battersea

Love is in the air at the moment, but one poor dog in the care of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, has been missing out on having a loving home of her own for way too long now.

Missy, who is a marvellous mongrel, has been in the charity’s care the longest of all their canine residents, and it’s high time she found her soulmate. So far, she has passed over 120 days in the London shelter – but let’s hope that Cupid can help her find a happily ever after. The average length of stay at Battersea is a month, so clearly, Missy is overdue to find a new owner.

Battersea Dog Rehoming Team Leader Tarryn Peinke said: “It’s difficult to understand why Missy has been having such a tough time finding a home, when she’s super intelligent, eager to please and friendly. We think people might be being put off by her size, but Missy is bursting with love and affection.

“She’s been unlucky in love so far - through no fault of her own, this is her second time at Battersea. She was brought into us as a puppy and then came back to us a few months ago, because her owner could no longer take care of her. Now this gorgeous girl is looking for her perfect match - and this time she’s hoping it will be forever.”

If you feel inspired to bring love into Missy’s life, you can phone Battersea on 0843 509 4444 or visit www.battersea.org.uk.