Beautiful story as senior home adopt bereaved dog

A Dog lovers guide to help ensure your pets are taken care of when you no longer can.

A Dog lovers guide to help ensure your pets are taken care of when you no longer can.
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A headline caught my eye today, that a dog was adopted by a senior home after her owner passed away. Clicking on the link to find out more, it emerged that poor Izzy was left homeless when her elderly owner died after they both went to live in an assisted living facility in Tennessee, USA.

Her owner's family were unable to take Izzy in, and that's the point at which so many dogs find themselves entering the rescue system, facing an uncertain future. Incredibly luckily for Izzy, that's not what happened to her, because she has become so popular with seniors in the home, as well as with staff and visitors, she is now the home's official meeter and greeter.

What more could a dog want? Well obviously, I'm sure Izzy would want her owner back, but what she has is the next best thing - love, attention, companionship and caring and a a home for the rest of her life.

Dying before our dogs and leaving them guardian-less is a distressing thought, but it's one we should confront in order to make provision for our canine companions. To make sure all dogs are as well provided for as Izzy, Cathy and Joe Connolly wrote a guide called If I Should Die Before My Dog--. It's full of information on how to secure your dog's future in the event of your death.

Don't leave things to chance - your dog deserves better than that.

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