Paul O’Grady helps find Battersea’s loneliest dog a forever home

Greyhound Bud become known as Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s unluckiest dog after spending over 1000 days in the home - but thanks to Paul O’Grady, Bud’s luck has changed for the better.

Battersea staff had been trying to find Bud a home for nearly three years, then the Corns family spotted him on the ITV series Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, which is based at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Paul made a personal appeal on the show to find a new, loving home for Bud, and Ian Corns and his family saw the show. Bud is Battersea’s longest stay dog, and just like with the other dogs who have been featured on Paul O’Grady’s show, viewers responded in large numbers.

Ian said: “When I saw Bud on the Battersea programme I couldn’t stop looking at him. His character shone through and he reminded me so much of our old Collie-cross Rune. We called Battersea Old Windsor and they arranged for us to come and meet him. Now we’ve got Bud we can’t believe he’s been looking for a home for so long. He fits in so well already. He loves being involved in whatever the family is doing and we’ve all fallen in love with him.”

Paul O’Grady is thrilled that Bud finally has a new home, and said: “I can’t think of a better way to end the series then with knowing Bud has found a family. It broke my heart to think that he might spend a fourth Christmas without a home, so I’m over-the-moon to hear he’ll be surrounded by love this festive season. Bud is such an amazing dog and he deserves to have a happy ending to his story.”

It was back in November 2013 that Bud arrived at the home, after his owners’ circumstances changed meaning they were no longer able to take care of him. Bud spent years in the kennels and then spent time with two of Battersea’s volunteer fosterers in an attempt to give him a stable home life while he sought a forever home.

Battersea Old Windsor Centre Manager Kaye Mughal said: “Since Bud arrived at Battersea the charity has rehomed over 5500 dogs, yet Bud was constantly being overlooked and we were at a loss to understand why. He’s such a wonderful dog with a great personality. But as soon as Bud appeared in Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs the phone started ringing off the hook. When we spoke to Ian and his family everything seemed to click into place- they’re a great match for him.”

Bud’s progress will be featured in the Christmas special on ITV.